Trollolololologram. 2019. Lenticular print (170 x 120cm)

This lenticular print is one of a triptych of works that employ illusionistic image formats to consider how truth and identity are refracted through the contested territorities of networked media. Lenticular prints, stereographic films and autostereograms (magic eye images) all belong to a class of retrofuturistic optical formats that relied on polarised lenses and forced perspective to fool the eyes into ‘seeing beyond’ the image. This need to look through the surface – and find the truth - recalls the contemporary rise of conspiracy theory in an age of weaponised disinformation, networked propaganda and polarized news media. Is the public really so polarized or have we been shepherded into pens by disinformation, triggered by trolls and cowed into submission by armies of bots?

Produced with the support of BALTIC, Newcastle.