Sprites I - IV, 2016. Digital prints, variable dimensions + HD Computer Animation, 40 second loop. 

A series of 3D-scanned self portraits emerging from the experience of working in Beijing, where in 2012 I was part of a small British envoy working out of a visual effects studio regularly used as an outsourcing facility for western blockbusters. At each lunch break, the 100-strong Chinese crew would retrieve pillows from beneath their desks and nap - some at their workstations, some in the screening room - before resuming work for another six hours until the London, L.A. and Vancouver studios were ready to assess the work done overnight. In Sprites, figure and ground are conflated in an instantly recognisable chromakey green hue, reflecting the paradox of digital labour whereby both artist and apparatus must be consigned to invisibility for the image to appear seamless and photoreal.